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We are committed to providing the highest level of professional and personalized therapy in a welcoming environment that is designed to optimize healing and recovery.

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Infante Hand and Rehabilitation Specialists was founded in 2017 by Art Infante OTR, who is owner and operator. We are an outpatient hand therapy clinic specializing in the treatment conditions involving the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, and shoulder areas. Our priority is to return patients to the highest level of function using the best therapy techniques available to prevent chronic problems or surgery. As a specialty clinic we are equipped to provide the best environment for post operative care and treatment of chronic injuries.


With a combined 25+ years experience in the El Paso area, the Infante name is synonymous with expert care and specializes in the therapeutic rehabilitation of the hand, wrist, arm, elbow & shoulders as well as fabrication of custom upper extremity orthotics/splints.Infante Hand Therapy helped to create a model for continuous patient-care and injury management by working closely with the premier general orthopedic and hand surgery specialists in the greater El Paso area. At Infante Hand Therapy, your therapist keeps close contact with your doctor and more often know them personally. They will collaborate throughout your rehabilitation to ensure you progress at the right pace with your unique goals in mind to ensure the quickest possible recovery.


Art Infante, OTR / Owner, Operator


Art Infante graduated in 1996 from university of Galveston medical branch acquiring clinical experience at RE Thomason addressing trauma, and Texas Tech Orthopedic clinic where he developed an interest in rehabilitation of upper extremities and splinting interventions. Art has worked for Tenet inpatient/outpatient as well as the TBI rehabilitation clinic. He has 20+ years experience in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation and custom splinting/orthotics. Art has worked closely with all of the orthopedic hand surgeons and established an ongoing work rapport to benefit his patients.


In his spare time he enjoys to drive and restore motorcycles and classic cars as well renovating older homes. Art is also an avid artist who can work in any medium and like any true artist he likes to leave his personal touch on everything he comes across. Mr. Infante has been an active member at abundant living faith center for 30+ years and works hard to instill his faith and passion for his country in everyone he meets.

Adam Infante, OTR


Adam Infante OTR received a Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Texas El Paso in 2011. While in school, Adam gained clinical experiences in neurological rehabilitation at Mentis Neuro Rehab; inpatient orthopedic and psychiatric rehabilitation at William Beaumont Army Medical Center; and finally acute inpatient and outpatient orthopedic at University Medical Center. As a new graduate Adam expanded his knowledge base with more than a year experience in a CARF accredited Work Hardening/Work Conditioning Program. Adam then returned to outpatient hand therapy where he already had nearly 4 years experience as a member of the technical staff. He has since worked solely as upper extremity rehabilitation specialist with primarily orthopedic patients.


His interests include wound care, hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, ergonomic design, and takes pleasure in serving a wide variety of age groups. He is currently a registered Graston Technique provider and is working towards his CHT. In his spare time, Adam trains and competes in Spartan Races across the US, is an active CrossFit member at 915 Sports and understands the value of an active lifestyle and the importance of returning to work and recreational activities.

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